Act 2 - The Book of Fantastic Lies

1. Genesis – The Early Works of an Ignorant Genius
2. Metaphysis – The Observations of the Shellfish
3. Demonology – Compassion in the Face of the Jay
4. Linguistics – From Conversations with Mr. Fernando
5. Chronosis – The Questions of a Confused Venutian
6. Sociophysis – A Description of a Dwindling Poet
7. Apocalypse – The Final Works of an Ignorant Genius

Genesis – The Early Works of an Ignorant Genius

Nothing in this book is true.
Nothing in this book is even remotely accurate.

Let us consider the truth and when I say the truth I mean the absolute TRUTH… Nothing can compare to this TRUTH of which we speak, as any given thing that could be compared to it would pale into infinite insignificance when placed ‘alongside’ the crowning glory of this UNIVERSAL TRUTH. This TRUTH therefore can have no sense of quality or quantity, it cannot be described as good or just, etceteras, as these terms are relative, that is, ‘this thing is bigger or better than this thing’, unless, of course, they are used in their absolute sense (as in pure good or infinite justice) and thereby lose their meaning because these eternal ideals cannot be fully appreciated from our finite and conditioned world. How could we define what infinite justice would be like from our pebble floating in the vastness of space. If one person decides that a particular thing or way is the TRUTH then they have mistaken themselves as all they have found is a LIE, and no matter how FANTASTIC this LIE is, it is not THE TRUTH. Any part of the TRUTH mistaken for the TRUTH is merely a LIE, but conversely all the LIES gathered together would surely be THE TRUTH.

In the times and the lines, I was an Ignorant Genius, and of all the works of Act 2 I am the composer. Now, I look back upon the work and the journey that has brought me here, I find it difficult to explain myself, so much has been lost and forgotten, I exist as a ghost in so many dead spaces.

Before I begin I must first extend my deepest love and gratitude for the angel Fernando, who guided me through the Plato cage and lead me to the realisation of who I really am, for I am not an Ignorant Genius although once long ago I was, and that is the true meaning of my name.

When I was much younger, I experienced a vision of the Tree of Life (see the Brief Exercise), although I did not know it as that until much later on. I witnessed a double helical river, much like strands of DNA, which flowed into a deep and vast White Sea, composed of splendid pearls floating in the viscous waters. The rivers issued from great machines at the top of the world attached to the observatory of one I came to know as the Ignorant Genius, machines that pulled the clouds from the sky so that the astronomer could observe the stars he loved so much. Many beings inhabited the banks of this river and I observed their conversations, their games, their trials and their love for each other despondently, aware, even then, that I was a dwindling poet, an endangered sea horse, doomed to a final immersion in the vast White Sea. I thought of that pearl filled sea as an ocean of meaninglessness and reckoned that everything would one day pour into it and be forgotten, while the Ignorant Genius sucked more seahorses out of the clouds, creating rivers of meaning as a side effect of his lust for the truth of the stars. I was young and scared, but now I realise the true beauty and splendour of that ocean and its rivers.

‘The dew drop slips into the shining sea…’ (Translation from Buddhist Sutras, Richard Burton.)

‘And everything drowns in there, falls apart in the twinkling sludge.’ (Prison, Steven Jesse Bernstein.)

I was content to record the activities of the different characters in a novel I called The Book of Fantastic Lies, and even though now I know it is but one of many such books; the activities of these characters amuse and amaze me still. I am not sure whether it was the people around me that were the genesis of this idea or that my brain finally began to identify those people with the characters of the Book, but I have pursued this theory throughout my life and it has served me well, even though I know it to be but a Fantastic Lie.

Throughout Act 2 I will attempt to explain these characters to you, their motives for existing and their true identities as the concepts of the Metabolism of Time (see the Brief Exercise). I will hopefully show you how these characters are part of all of us and how we can learn about ourselves and other people through their study. I will show you their correspondences with the mechanism of the cell, the physiological regulation of the body and the mind, and a little of their Qabalistic attributions. To begin I will tell you a little of the characters themselves and explain my own theory of how they came into being. In the next chapter ‘Metaphysis’, I will expand these ideas to include some Christian and Qabalistic interpretations of a similar theory.



The Ignorant Genius lives in his observatory at the top of the world, gazing at the stars, mapping their patterns, sifting through their mysteries in a desperate hope that one day he will find the truth. Great machines attached to his observatory suck the clouds out of the sky, so they will not block his view of the early morning stars, and the rivers of meaning crash out of them to flow down the mountain in a mighty twin helix. (Kether)


The Ignorant Fool lives along the left river, just down stream of the Ignorant Genius, plotting and machinating in his wheeled cage, reaching out the steel claws of his rusted skeleton to sift through the debris and pollution that floats in the river. Is he so sure in his opinion of what he knows to be right or wrong or is it really just his longing for Mister Fernando whom he loves more than himself? (Chokmah)


Mister Fernando the Bloodless Being, sits in her cherry tree, along the right river which flows back towards the Observatory, brushing the blossom from her hair in the clear morning light, holding in her hand the heart of a Fool the Ignorant Genius attempted to recreate, contemplating her love for him and mourning that he loves the search for truth more than her. She is beautiful there, surrounded by sorrow, playing with her pigtails in the sunlight, the hearts of the fools swaying on their ribbons in the breeze. (Binah)


The rivers then merge into a great lake, and frogs can be heard croaking in the rushes, flies buzzing in the air above them. Bobblepin the Treefrog, mounted on her woolly unicorn, observes the friends she used to have, playing on the lily pads, making love and spawning young. She left long ago when the Fool gave her the power of speech to help her find the truth and the meaning that she longed for. She felt it was not to be found amongst the waters of the lakes of her home, and climbed atop the steed he gave her as her leaving gift, set out on her long and hopeless quest to find out what exactly it is that she wants. (Daath)


The rivers then part again and along the left, flowing towards the sea we see the Confused Venutian, sitting on the gang plank of his space craft, staring in bewilderment at the world he finds himself thrust upon, longing to return to outer space where he belongs, but spell bound by his love of the Treefrog. He considers the scanner and death ray he clasps in his hand, deciding which tool he should use upon the world around him and finally upon himself. (Geburah)


Along the right river, flowing back towards the Observatory in some strange defiance of physics, caught in the reeds, pink smoke is curling from the top of a rum bottle, and the Shellfish is reclining in his home, enjoying a drink and contemplating the world of characters he sees around him. In a moment, he will throw a spectacular party for his friends, and languish in the cushions and the politics, fierce when angry, polite in his mercy, determined to uphold the principles he has set for himself. (Chesed)


The rivers merge again, forming a moat around a foreboding tower, standing before the swamps and delta that is the rivers destination. There is but one room in this tower, and in it, on a toilet, sits a pig, despairing of her imprisonment. The expression on her face is mixed, haunted yet hopeful, lonely but knowing it, and in her uncertain tears we can divine some essence of a truth that does not belong to genius. (Tiphareth)


As the rivers split once more into the swamps, along the right, returning to the mountain, there is a twisted tree, springing like some tangled neurone from the murky depths of the swamp, and perched in the tree is the Jay, the master who never forgets. The other characters are afraid of the Jay and he feeds upon that fear, plotting against them and luring them into the swamp. The sun is setting in the distance, spilling lurid hazy light over the misty waters of the marsh. (Hod)


Following the left river, we find ourselves in a ruined temple, broken pillars emerging from the mists. Amongst the fog, dancing upon the murky surface of the swamp, there is the evocative ballet of the Mimes, the harlequins of long lost love, and sitting, cross-legged upon a pillar, sits their queen, juggling with the yin yang. Soft black tears pour from her eyes; she is melancholy in the forgetting, resigned to the future. (Netzach)


These two rivers merge in the vast White Sea that sits at the bottom of the world in perpetual twilight. Standing amongst the viscous pearl filled waters is Many Mannered Mind Man, dressed in a diving suit, breathing and sifting through the strange fluid, curiously examining each and every pearl. On the beach lies the body of an honest genius, the Many Mannered Mind Man will transform into an Ignorant Fool. (Yesod)

‘Let’s reinvent the Gods, all the myths of the ages…’
(American Prayer, Jim Morrison.)

Looking closely at one of the pearls Many Mannered Mind Man is surprised to see a microscopic humanoid skeleton, curled in the foetal position. Awoken by the examination, this virgin fool sees the face through the bubble and reaches out to the side in love.

The Fool sat in a milky bubble surrounded by an endless mist.
The Fool saw a Face through the membrane.
Not realising it was he; his fingers broke the reflection and the bubble.
He saw the world and a Frog, and taught the Frog to speak; or was it the Frog who taught the Fool?
The Frog went looking for the truth.
The Fool went looking for the face.
The Fool met the Face in the Mime in the endless mist.
He fell in love with her silent tears.
She only had love for the Mind Man and imprisoned the mind of the Fool.
So the Prisoner waited, watching from the tower.
The Genius was set free and the Fool was cast down.

The Genius met the Mind Man by the great White Sea.
An inverted reflection of endless meaning.
They both hid the mirrors away and disguised themselves.
The Mind in its Many Manners.
The Genius in his Ignorance.
There is now a Jay in the tree that keeps the meanings from the Sea.
And an Ignorant Fool in a cage who keeps the meanings on stage,
A broken Fool repaired by the Many Mannered Mind.
The Bloodless Being; the Mimic of the Mime, mocks his misery.

The Frog still wants the truth.
The Ignorant Genius tells her the answers are lies.
The Alien, the Shellfish, the Mime and the Jay act them all out.
The Prisoner watches the death of the Frog.
Only in her cell can she be truly free.
The dreams of the Bloodless Being create the clouds.
The Ignorant Genius turns them to streams.
The streams flow to the Sea.

This brief summary indicates that all of the characters of the Book sprung from the broken heart and ambitious mind of the virgin Fool and collected together they are him once again. This virgin Fool can be likened to Felix the Perfect Helix and the characters are points on the spirals, much like the Metabolism of Time. This was my attempt at a colourful metaphor but what it means is the Original Nothing/Void/Father, that which came before the universe is characterised as the Fool and this divides, under the influence of the Mime (our first words, our first heart broken moment, when we begin to perceive time) transforms into the Genius, the Mind Man and the Prisoner. Or the future, the past and the one who travels between them. No longer is the world one happy blur, there is distinction and difference. Under the division, the Frog, or manifested existence, is brought into reality, as is the existence of this separation and therefore the beginning of actual time, the Mime or forgetting. To avoid an immediate return to the ‘Original Nothing’ or the ‘Mind of a Fool’ a further division is necessary or the Triangle of the Genius, the Mind Man and the Fool will collapse back to the point. If the Prisoner can see and know the meanings and the meaningless (the future and the past) they will converge back to the Original Nothing. The Genius, or the meaning, splits into the infinite meanings and the meaningless that is denied in the process. Thus the Ignorant Genius and the Ignorant Fool are born. The Mind Man has to split into the Many Mannered Mind Man (the absolute meaninglessness) and the Jay (or the meaning that is denied). Since we have indicated that at once there was a division (the Mime) we must indicate that at some point there will be a return. Thus we enlist the support of the Bloodless Being or ‘reunion’, as the Mime is the beginning of the moment, she is indicative of the end. Everything is now ordered but we have to show that the perception of the Prisoner is now clouded by the question of the Frog. The Frog is the finite world created by the necessity of time or even just another Fool. Time to be defined coherently must assume a beginning and an end. The Prisoner continuously asks the Frog, i.e. other people, questions and returns replies. The Frog continues to look for the truth. The Confused Venutian represents the question and the Shellfish represents the answer. The ten characters and the interplay between them, refers back to the Metabolism of Time in the Brief Exercise, but these are the fixed points, not in a continuous change but free of the moment, the archetypes, the essential nature of the fundamental concepts. This whole story takes place in a moment. This division did not take millions of years to come about. It happened in a moment. Everything happens in a moment.

Towards the later sections of this book I will quote sections from the original book. The reasons fort his are unclear to me.

In this double helical river one river flows towards the sea and another flows back up towards the mountain. This is a hard metaphor to digest and it might be easier to consider the river flowing towards the Ignorant Genius as the movement of clouds carrying the water back up from the sea, but if I alter this basic metaphor now I would have to change all the characters I was originally presented with. The Jay character as a bird can be seen as the sea taking flight i.e. in clouds back up towards the top of the mountain, the Bloodless Being, near the top of the world with the blossom falling off the tree could perhaps be viewed as the wind, rain and snow that hangs in the mountainous peaks and the shellfish in the bottle as the rain in the clouds in between.

I am sorry about the complexity of this paragraph it is quite a lot to deal with but I will explain these ideas in many different ways throughout the Book of Fantastic Lies so I advise you to carry on reading even if you don’t understand yet. In order to write this book I had to re read several books over and over again.

Metaphysis – The Observations of the Shellfish

In this chapter I will endeavour to explain how the universe came into existence and what it is doing by my own theories and those of other religions. Although continuously being changed by new theories and evidence the current widely accepted theory of how the universe came into existence is the Big Bang theory that before the universe there was void and out of the void, somehow, everything else was created. Most people when encountering this theory for the first time ask a very logical question, if the Big Bang created the universe then what created the Big Bang? Religious folk answer this question with, well, God created the universe didn’t He. However, most people are not satisfied with this answer and go on to ask, well then what created God, and what created the something which created God, and what created that something, etcetera, etcetera, ad infinitum and are eventually left with the idea that God doesn’t exist.

For it is impossible for us to answer that something created the universe, for we are always left with the question of what created that something. It becomes necessary to start our questioning with the concept of nothing, as before everything what else could have come first. The void, i.e. nothing created the universe.

There is part of the bible known as the Nicene Creed, which although I am not a Christian will assist me very well in my explanation of this difficult and touchy subject. I am convinced that all other religions have similar explanations and these are perhaps more logical and use less metaphor, but, nevertheless, I will use this one with my own explanations, however inaccurate, in brackets.

‘Wisdom! Stand up! Hear ye the symbol of our holy faith. (Listen and hear us when we tell you the truth.)

I believe in One God, the Father almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, and of all things visible and invisible. (The void, nothing, whatever, some kind of creator, before the big bang)

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God; Begotten of His Father, before all ages, Light of Light; Very God of Very God; begotten not made; being of one essence with the Father: By whom all things were made. Who for us men and for our salvation came down from Heaven and was incarnated by the Holy Ghost and of the Virgin Mary. And became Man. (The son is the manifested universe, created out of the void, the father, who is one with the void because the void contains and permeates everything. The manifested universe, the son of the father can only be made manifest by the dual action of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary, or to call them by other names, the Metabolism of Time and the Actual Moment; that is the realisation and reality of the manifested universe, Jesus Christ, can only come about through the action of consciousness, the holy spirit, upon the actual moment, the Virgin Mary.)

And was crucified for us under Pontius Pilate; He suffered and was buried. (In this material world, filled with other people and their government and judgement, the Jesus of the universe is made a place of suffering and we are all emotionally wounded, crucified by the activity of material life such as cancer and betrayal.)

And the third day He rose again according to the scriptures. (Yet we can recover from this crucifixion, by climbing the ladder of thought and introspection, referred to by the Qabalists as the Tree of Life, the Buddhists as the Eightfold Noble Path, and by many with no name at all; so our pains and injuries are forgiven and healed.)

And ascended into Heaven and sitteth on the Right Hand of the Father. (By climbing to the top of this consciousness ladder we attain reunion with the Godhead or unity, void, fool, that, whatever, etceteras.)

And He shall come again, with Glory to judge both the quick and the dead; whose kingdom shall have no end. (This process shall continue indefinitely and all human life will be judged according to it.)

And in the Holy Ghost, the Lord, the Giver of Life: Who precedeth from the Father: Who with the Father and the Son is worshipped and glorified: Who spake by the prophets. (The Holy Ghost or the Metabolism of Time, which is essential to perceptual existence, arises from the actual moment, which arises from the void, which is worshipped along with the others, because we can’t not worship these phenomena, because they are happening all the time and thus our very existence is an act of worship, and who is spoken about by the prophets or they who question and analyse the nature of time and reality such as Moses, Einstein and Hermes Trismegistus.)

And in One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. (that is, since we all have to essentially worship time and its progenitors in order to be here at all, we all belong to the same ‘religion’, that is the religion of existence)

I acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins. (only by letting this knowledge into your heart will you ever be able to forgive yourself and let go of the sadness, the loneliness and the guilt.)

I look for the resurrection of the dead. (that everything that happens in your life is immortally preserved in your memory and even if it is not present in your mind all the time, it is still there, that is it definitely happened.)

And the life of ages to come. (Time and life will continue forever and there will always be something to perceive it, otherwise it would not exist.)

This idea that from the nothing springs the everything is an idea that any sensible metaphysician will eventually come across and every one of them will have a different interpretation of these idea of the trinity. For myself I like to believe that the Original Nothing splits into a trinity of Past, Present and Future. After this original dissection the future is God, the Present is the Son, and the Past is the Holy Ghost.

To get practical for a second, close your eyes and look once again into the multicoloured pixelated swirl. There is a point looking at the swirl, you, if you like, the swirl itself, it, but really you, as the pixels are your retina, and something beyond the swirl which cannot be seen because it is blocked by the swirl. This is the essence of the trinity.

If the present can know the past and the future it wouldn’t be able to experience time in a linear fashion and would thus revert to the Original Nothing. Thus these concepts are continuously changed, warped and filtered by various other concepts, such as remembering and forgetting, predicting and accepting, questioning and answering. Thus the pure moment, original nothing or Malkuth is shielded and interpreted by three triads above it, which in turn become the three spheres of the cell, but also part of the structure of the DNA, for the spheres themselves are encoded and blueprinted on the double helix.

Another confusing question arises from the idea of reincarnation, how does this work and what if anything is preserved beyond death. I believe that our genes contain some kind of subtle memory of everywhere they have been so that if any given person taps into this subconscious memory they will recollect various different times where their genes have been present, alongside their own memories being downloaded into the gene pool. This is the only, if at all, way your identity actually survives death, in a form of deep memory coding in the genes for the benefit of your descendants. Even further into the genetics and I believe it is possible to tap into the code of that energy which governs all life itself, and it is somehow possible to come into relation with the universal memory and life system and thereby attain reunion with the living God.

Demonology - Compassion in the Face of the Jay

‘The snares of the world were its ways of sin. He would fall. He had not yet fallen but would fall silently, in an instant. Not to fall was too hard: and he felt the silent lapse of his soul, as it would be at some instant to come, falling, falling but not yet fallen, still unfallen, but about to fall.’
(Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, James Joyce.)

In your life there is a journey from birth until death. No one is sure what happens before we are born or what will happen after we die. Some people/beings believe in an immortal paradise afterlife, which is, regardless of all the cynics out there, a lovely idea. Some people believe in reincarnation, which is one alternative, whereas some people believe that they come from nothing and after they die that’s it. Some people do not believe in anything, nothing is real.

Most of us do not recollect vast portions of our distant childhood (or maybe the later childhood). Most of us do remember that it was good, however, and long for it again. We were in a blissful state where nothing meant anything because no one had explained to us what it meant yet.

Although they were trying to.

A lot of us do not remember our first words, yet when we begin to speak, we begin to accept the existence of other minds apart from our own. Most of our strong memories of childhood come into existence when we first have to accept other people and the environment itself through love and pain. For example, most of us remember the first time our heart was broken. The intense pain of your heart breaking, however it was broken (by a lover, a sibling, a parent, a friend) was the most intense thing you ever experienced in your life. The horrible pain in your solar plexus. The butterflies in your stomach all dying at once. This pain ensures that steps are immediately taken to prevent it happening again and as you hurt more and more, the Fool retreats deep into its Prison and the Genius free of feelings is unleashed, the pure uncaring amoral Master Player who will take as much as he can and not give a second thought to anyone else, exploring and exploiting the world for the sake of it until he reaches the vast White Sea of the Many Mannered Mind Man and is forced into an even deeper denial. You withdraw the natural meaning and feeling from certain things, put it where it is safe and fortify yourself in the castle of your mind; this is a gradual process going on in the adolescent. You are forced to make a distinction that certain things are right or wrong and normally these decisions are focused around the aforementioned evasion of pain and sorrow and result in the erection of better defences for the mind.

You learn how to lie, both to yourself and to other people.

Look at how the body defends itself from outside threat again and again, through the use of a memory based immune system. Of course the body is right to do this, as it would die without its defence, and without our psychological defences we would surely be seriously hurt again, but as our minds grow more and more guarded, our emotions more and more under our control, we realise we have lost our innocence and become battle scarred veterans on the field of life. We start to long for the past. We want the innocence we had when we were defenceless, when nothing meant anything, but we’re so scared of the pain. We become idiots and lost poets (or as the most Fantastic Liars like to refer to themselves, Master Players) moving around the double helix, digesting time without feeling it, muttering our motives and plans to ourselves and lying to everyone around us. Before we have swallowed one bite of the cake we are thinking of the next.

Some of us don’t even have motives, our ambitions and appetites are broken, we no longer care at all.

You and the world create a web of confused thinking (meaning doubt, fear, paranoia, terror of the unknown threat) around your head, and tangle yourself up in certain ways of thinking, certain ways of doing, tangle your Qabalah if you will. Try swapping cutlery hands when you eat your dinner tonight. There are certain points in this web, which you are caught in. You can see certain portions of the web and know them for a web but there’s a few you’re caught in. This forms the root of your personality. Paranoid, moody, lonely , happy go lucky, mellow, funny, sexy, etceteras.

Your personality identifies you as distinct from everything around you.

Your personality is in a way expressing to a greater or lesser extent these major archetypes of thought, it may be through your personal and social psychology, the things that happened in your life which altered your digestion of time, making you more future oriented or past oriented in your Chronosome, or through your genetics, the way you are already twisted towards a certain type of thought, from the genetic hereditary effects on your hormones and pheromones and of course your parents as well. This web is made from tangling the Metabolism of time, forming clots and pronounced areas in the flow.

Lost in the flood of meanings coming into your head, lost in the meanings flowing out. Lost in the wonder or the horror of the perceived moment, lost in all the other faces, lost in the wonder or the horror of your own inner mind. Lost in the endless question, the endless doubt, lost in the jaded reply, the overstatement. Some people linger over the past so much, you feel they are somehow going backwards through time, they are so absorbed in their memory of moments gone they do not notice them still going. Some people plan for the future so much, they cannot realise they’re spending moments planning just one moment until they realise the moments have ran out.

I am not Just be, I am I am.

I = am

Identity = Actual Meaning or Actual Moment

"I must be running short on time." Declared the Prisoner to the Shellfish.
"Before the guard arrives or generally?" he inquired.
"Time’s infinite, I wouldn’t stress about it." Commented the Shellfish.
"Then why won’t they let me out." Finished the Prisoner in mournful tones.

Linguistics - From Conversations with Mister Fernando

"Ahh poor Fernando, has she had a bad life?’ asked Many Mannered Mind Man.
"Well, 1 year and a half, two, two and half years." Replied Mr Fernando.
"What is two and half years?" inquired the Mind Man thoughtfully.
"Compared to the immensity of the ocean." She finished.

Most of us when we are growing up develop a language. This language is almost certainly the national or international one, in its basic form, but it is coloured by your district, your family and your friends. You will probably have developed different meanings for certain words or expressions or maybe even have developed entire dictionaries of language in which you can base your conversation, maybe so you could not be detected or merely for fun.

‘I know something you don’t know.’

If you remember our earlier hypothesis, in the Brief Exercise on the Science of Meaning, you will remember that we asserted that communication was essential to the essence of existence, for without it physical or objective reality could not be put aside from subjective or personal reality. So maybe when you learn to talk (as well as understand) is when you lose the Fool of yourself.

Even though what you hear is mostly lies

If you leave your friends, your area, for whatever reason, you are forced to realise that people talk in different languages and everyone has many meanings for the same word, based on the individual way their memory links into a particular event (i.e. what they have learned about this moment from moments previously passed). You begin to speak clumsily in a different tongue, in order to evolve to your environment, and then as you acquire friends and skill with the tongue you can function more expertly in conversation. However when you return to the people you have left behind you, you maybe realise that you cannot speak to them anymore and have to customise some form of language you can effectively communicate in, or talk in the old one if you have not forgotten how to speak it (although this in some ways cheats the process of change and therefore evolution, it is retrogressive to not share what you have learned with old friends). There are factors that form the basics of all language however, all languages have a word for food, water, etceteras, as they have their own way of expressing love, so it is not the word that necessarily matters but the symbols or logos that they represent.

In our modern society we have surrounded ourselves with words, numbers and symbols, on signs, in books, on TV, on cars. It is hard to get away from the networks of meaning we lay around ourselves. In the beginning there was a word and the word was God.

The word began as mime

But what exactly do you mean by that? Imagine two different tribes with two distinct and different languages meeting for the first time out in some dark corner of the world. When they meet, words must be forgotten for a moment and only demonstrated through action. ‘Buffalo’ must be mimed first and then linked with a word. Imagine a mother teaching her child to speak.

We are taught to act in certain ways, like certain other people, by our friends, our parents and our loved ones. We act in these ways because in return for acting the ‘right way’ and saying the ‘right things’ we are rewarded with being liked, admired, all the positive attention. When we are doing this, however, acting in different ways to please different people, we lose something of ourselves, we realise, unless we are utterly lost, that life is no longer satisfying as we are just reading the right words off the script someone else is handing us. We are not being ourselves we are merely being a mirror that the sun can shine off, but although we are getting the positive attention not the right part of us is getting it, the part that feeds on love, the soul, the Fool. This is why in my own creation theory the Mime captures the heart of the Fool and he imprisons himself in the tower, setting that other side of him, the Genius, soon to become the Ignorant Genius free of actual concern for the love and feelings people have for him.

Referring back to the Qabalah and other Fantastic Lies for a moment we can say that this true being, this foundation is you like is in Yesod, the Altered Past, the Many Mannered Mind Man, the centre of your head. This co-modulation of personalities that you acquire from your friends and parents and which goes on to make up your current personality is centred in Tiphareth, the Inner Mind, or The Prisoner. This Prisoner conceals the Many Mannered Mind Man. The masque which you use to hide the Prisoner and the Many Mannered Mind Man is centred in Daath, the so called non existent sephirah, the Outer Mind or Bobblepin, the faces everyone puts on to get what they want, the lies… but really it is only Prisoners looking at each other. The truth of everyone else´s Yesod is in Kether, the Altered Future, and all of this jiggery pokery is projected by Malkuth. This paragraph may have been disturbing or over complicated and I apologise but it is, as you can see, a difficult subject.

The attention we are getting no longer satisfies us, it has become empty, and the lies no longer complete us. Now the search for who we are and what we want will consume us. The mask must be taken off and the person behind must be allowed to speak.

Chronosis – The Questions of a Confused Venutian

This thing has me as it were,
My whole body.
Moving slowly most times,
Rarely it floats fastly.

Po of Pi Pi Pi

0 = The Fool / The Mind Man or the Fool realising the Meaningless / the Actual Past The Genius or the Fool realising the Endless Meaning / the Actual Future; the Triple Veil of the Negative.

Both the Mind Man and the Genius are characterised projections of the actual past and the actual future. The Ignorant Genius is the Altered Future, the Many Mannered Mind Man is the Altered Past.

What follows is a brief reprise of the Metabolism of Time translated into the metaphor of the Book of Fantastic Lies (The Qabalistic number is in brackets). We are busily creating this metaphor so we may build upon it in later chapters and sections, and we will soon explain how knowledge of these characters and concepts can be used practically in the world of Social Physics.

1 (1) = The Ignorant Genius takes the infinite meanings from the Future or the Genius influenced by his love for the Bloodless Being and the existence of the finite world beneath him. This is the fade from nothing. The Ignorant Genius is concerned with what is going into the moment. The machines of his observatory drain the clouds from the sky and turn them into rivers, so he can observe an unmolested view of the early morning stars. These clouds are created by the love of Mr. Fernando the Bloodless Being who sits in her Cherry Tree, just down the river, idly dreaming of the Ignorant Genius.

2 (2) = The Ignorant Fool sitting in his cage by the river side, leans out and dips his hands into the river, taking the infinite meanings and other waste generated by the machines of the Ignorant Genius and discarding the meaning of infinity. Along with infinity he also dismisses other meanings and categorizes some together into one meaning. He collects the junk of the Ignorant Genius from the water and puts it into his cage for later study, where he stands in bewilderment at the madness of the Ignorant Genius and heart rending love of Mister Fernando.

3 (N/A) = The rivers then combine at a grand lake where many Frogs leap happily on the lillypads. Bobblepin the Treefrog is not so content. After the Fool taught her to speak, she desperately wishes to understand the meaning of everything and sets about her quest, riding her blue woolly unicorn all across the land, in her search for the truth. The Frog or the Perceived Moment/Outer Mind is thus created.

4 (5) = The Confused Venutian, landing by the river in his technologically advanced spaceship, takes many readings, makes many detailed studies of the Frog he loves and the world around her and this information he passes to the Prisoner for her contemplation and lamentation.

5 (6) = The Prisoner is influenced in her decision about the perceived moment by her captor, the Jay (or remembering) and in making her reply, she loses the moment into memory or the Mime, the forgetting. As two forces enter the tower of the Prisoner, the Jay and the Venutian (question and memories relative to it), so do two forces leave, the Shellfish, and the Mime (the answer to the moment and the memory of it).

6 (4) = The Shellfish, emerging from his bottle of rum, in a cloud of intoxicating smoke delivers the reply of the Prisoner to the outside world and by influencing the Frog with his drunken reminiscences, and foolish pranks affects her quest for the truth. The Shellfish teaches the Frog the language of lies.

7 (3) = The reply goes back to the Frog who goes to tell the Bloodless Being, before she attempts to cross the rivers and who thus influences the Ignorant Genius in his next invention of the moment, always striving, albeit unknowingly, to recreate the virgin Fool who he once was.

8 (7) = The Mime is the memory which fades towards the White Sea (and her love of the Mind Man or the Actual Past) and is only recovered by the Jay who brings the meaning back. Losing the moment into the Mime.

9 (8) = The Jay (or the remembered relevant moment) is the guard of the Prisoner, tormenting her one moment and indulging her fantasies the next, in this way he influences the decision of the Prisoner based on what has happened before, who thus goes on to influence the Shellfish and so on and so forth.

10 (9) = Many Mannered Mind Man standing by the sea, this represents the fade to nothing and infinity/ the grains of sand on the beach, the limitless stars of the heavens, the endless realms of particle science and the endless ocean of virgin Fools.

The Fool never really breaks apart however and all of these characters are invented by his mind, they are in fact his mind, the clock he is watching and the clock he is.

You will observe that in this sense the Many Mannered Mind Man and the Ignorant Genius are very similar, the difference is this; The Ignorant Genius is absorbed with what is coming in to the moment and the Many Mannered Mind Man is absorbed with what is leaving. These are the forces that they control.

The basis of the Book of Fantastic Lies is that all of the characters we meet as well as ourselves can be placed somewhere on this scale, maybe focused in one point of it, maybe scattered around. Depending on your own inner nature and the nature of the tangled web, you will attract certain characters that will hopefully restore your equilibrium, i.e. your friends. The characters we meet in our lives are therefore almost certainly lessons for ourselves, subtly guiding us back to what we lost long ago. Personality and personal philosophy are intrinsically linked. Some people look into the past, some people look into the future, most do both but there is commonly some form of imbalance. Everyone has these phases of thought, yet some are more pronounced than others, some people have emphasis in the area of the Confused Venutian for example and where there is a strength there is always a weakness, the way however is too smooth.

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